EzGraver – Engraving Software for use with NEJE Laser Engravers

A few days ago I bought one of those cheap laser engravers by NEJE. But the official software is only available for Windows.

So I thought that this is good chance to give QT a try. The result is available on GitHub and I named it EzGraver. As QT supports multiple platforms, I set up build jobs for all of them. This means, EzGraver is available for use on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Changing screen refresh rate with a keyboard shortcut

I have a little movie and tv-show collection and use the popular open-source mediacenter software Kodi to organize it. But as some tv-shows/movies have other image frequencies/fps than others, it necessary to change the screen refresh rate accordingly. Kodi already delivers an integrated functionality to automatically change the refresh rate as required.

Personally, I like to have some control over this, so I decided to develope a small windows application in C++ (with some C in order to work with the Win32 API) to accomplish this. Doing so a is definitely not a big task. Continue reading Changing screen refresh rate with a keyboard shortcut